"Grateful Dead" to Play 3 Final Shows
Date: Friday, January 16 @ 13:22:10 EST
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Before we even begin our article we have to state a detail and disclaimer about the upcoming "Fare The Well" shows in Chicago.  We'll refer to this loosely as the "Dead" or more believable as the "Core Four" which basically says the core 4 living members of the Grateful Dead.  To be blunt even Bob Weir has said that he couldn't call this band the Grateful Dead without Jerry Garcia in it.  That said Ticketmaster has billed this as the Grateful Dead without shame.  

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We are thrilled to announce “Fare Thee Well – Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead” – to the Dead community.To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, and Bob Weir will reunite at Chicago’s Soldier Field, nearly 20 years to the day of the last-ever Grateful Dead concert, which took place at the same venue. “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead” will take place over three nights – July 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2015 – and mark the original members’ last-ever performance together. The band will be joined by Trey Anastasio (Guitar), Jeff Chimenti (Keyboards) and Bruce Hornsby (Piano), and will perform two sets of music each night.In the tradition of the original Grateful Dead Ticketing Service, tickets will be available via a mail order system starting on January 20th and will be available online to the general public on February 28th via Ticketmaster.

Thank you to all of the Deadheads for the amazing support that you have shown for the Fare Thee Well shows in Chicago!  This morning you broke Ticketmaster’s on-sale record when nearly half a million of you queued up to buy tickets online.  If you do not have tickets, please know that we are working on various ways to help everyone experience these shows in a way that will help you share this special moment with us.  Stay tuned, and thank you for showing your love, we feel it!Mail Order Update From Our Friends At GDTS TOO:We’ve been submerged in a sea of mail and are coming up for a breath of air to give you an update on where we stand right now.  We are 75% of the way processing all of the orders, working 24/7 to get your money orders back to you. There were many, many times more order requests than anyone imagined, thousands and thousands with beautiful art.  We are trying to let as many folks know their status if possible before the onsale date. Emails will go out to the winners starting in the next two days. You still have a small chance if you do not receive an email from us by the on-sale date, however, you may want to consider on line ticket sales to increase your chances. Tickets will be mailed out in June. Please do not email us at this time as we will not be able to answer your inquiry.
Okay, we are taking a deep breath and going back under.
The crew of GDTS TOO
  • Wow! We re excited (and humbled) to discover that your enthusiasm for Fare Thee Well matches our own! We have received an overwhelming number of mail order ticket requests. In an effort to honor the history and spirit of the Grateful Dead, we are going to try to fill as many of these orders as possible. This means there will be no other pre-sales. In order to give the good folks at GDTS TOO time to sort through the 60,000+ (!) envelopes received so far the new public on sale is Feb 28th @ 10 a.m. CST via Ticketmaster.
  • Public on sale is Feb 28th @ 10 a.m. CST via Ticketmaster.
  • We are excited to team up with CID Entertainment to offer Ticket and Travel Packages  to enhance your experience in Chicago! CID Experiences include amazing seats and amenities. Travel Packages offer a wide range of hotel choices in the Chicago area with your choice of ticket package and round-trip transportation to Soldier Field.
Tickets range in price from $59.50-$199.50. There will be a general admission pit directly in front of the stage (pit tickets are mail order only), a second general admission floor section behind the pit and reserved seating throughout the stadium.A limited number of taper tickets will available for each show exclusively via mail order through Grateful Dead Ticketing. Taping is permitted exclusively in the designated tapers section.ADA seating will be offer through Ticketmaster starting on 2/28.All mail order purchasers will receive commemorative Fare Thee Well tickets, designed with art selected by Grateful Dead Ticketing from the mail order envelopes submitted by fans.***No tickets have been released yet. If you attempt to purchase tickets from an online ticket reseller prior to February 28th they are likely to be counterfeit.

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