The Long Strange Trip Continues as Dead & Co.
Date: Wednesday, August 05 @ 13:01:21 EDT
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"The Last 5 Shows The Core 4 Will Ever Play Together" is how the Fare The Well shows were billed.  And those shows may well be the last time we see Phil Lesh playing with Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Billy Kreutzmann on stage together.  The dirty little secret that those of us who actually have been following the band since the death of Jerry Garcia knew that the off shoot bands would play their gigs in some configuration and the rumor mill was already floating the idea that John Mayer would fill the spot that Trey Anastasio had filled.  The same rumor mill had Mike Gordon of Phish filling in for Phil Lesh on bass.  This was the only part of the rumor that turned out to be false. 

The big announcement today was that the new band would be called "Dead and Company" which, we at the Grotto, have been calling DeadCo.  A terrible name in our collective opinion.  But, the bad name will hopefully keep ticket sales to the faithful + 10,000 John Mayer fans.

The band has announced one show with the promise of a 20 show tour.  The first show is to be held at Madison Square Garden on Halloween.  Here's the lineup as announced:

Mickey Hart (Drums)
Billy Kreutzmann (Drums)
John Mayer (Lead Guitar)
Bob Weir (Rhythm Guitar) 
Oteil Burbridge (Bass)
Jeff Chimenti (Keys)

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and no sooner did the tickets go on sale, but they sold out and immediately the DeadCo had a second date lined up and ready to sell.  Tickets for the 10/31 show went on sale at 10am and then the tickets for the newly added show on 11/1 went on sale at 1pm to sell out almost immediately.  either the dead are the hottest ticket of 2015 or the scalpers are going to make sure this is not a cheap seat.

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