LOCKN' 3: The Long Strange Keeps on Gettin' Longer!
Date: Thursday, January 21 @ 01:53:43 EST
Topic: Music

2015...The year the Grateful Dead turned 50 featured some of the greatest moments of deadhead rock n roll post Jerry history and Lockn' did not disappoint.

Sure, the show starts off with a huge rain storm which cancelled day 1, but in the end Lockn' is still the Gratest Show On Earth!  On our way up to get in line at 4am as usual so we can secure our press passes, get settled into press camping and get our setups setup and get our groove on.  On the way up we start getting reports from inside Lockn' that a storm's a brewin'.  We can see the lightning off in the distance and as we get closer to Arrington the wind kicks up on the highway, the rain starts pouring down and we witness what was one of the wickedest rain storms of our lives.  As reported to us from our friends at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. there were tornado force winds that ripped the grounds up.  We were getting word from a number of vendors that the stage suffered damage and day 1 was going to be cancelled so we reported it here first to our fellow Purps!  Nobody believed us, but it was true.  The local police said that because there were porta potties knocked over that it was a health hazard and they'd have to clean it up before they got approved to have the multi-day fest of the summer.

For many Thursday was the highlight of the 4 day show.  To lose a day that included Billy & The Kids with John Popper, Mickey Hart, The Doobie Incident AND The String Cheese Incident was pretty heart wrenching.  As it turns out Billy K, the trooper that he is, found a small club not far from Arrington and put on a $20 show which most people I know actually got into.  John Popper showed up and ripped that place up!  Which brings us to the band of Lockn' family circling the venue trying to find somewhere to go for an extra 24 hours.  We got the word out to some and they delayed their arrival due to the lines in the next morning which we were reporting on.  I've never seen a field so full.  Once inside the Lockn' grounds campers found that much of the VIP and SVIP grounds were soggy beyond belief and much of the powered mountain top RV Spots had been shut down.  RVs were moved...some got power others got refunds on their RV fees.

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